The Suns are famous for never winning a championship despite them participating in over 54 seasons, and as you would expect, this has left many wondering whether or not they will ever be able to take the crown.

Moreover, with the rumours about Chris Paul retiring in the coming years, it seems as though winning is more of a pressing matter than ever before. It looks as if they are not quite ready to give in yet. Let’s dive straight into it and talk about whether or not the Suns will be able to come back stronger next year and finally get their elusive ring. 

Determined To Win Back Their Reputation

After many years of strife and struggle, it seems as though the Phoenix Suns are now more determined than ever to finally get their rightful win. This is even more so the case now that team captain Chris Paul is not retiring, with the whole team wanting to get that elusive victory before his career comes to an end. 

While most teams would have all but given up due to the unfathomable number of close calls the Phoenix Suns have had over the years, it seems as though the Suns are actually using their sub-par reputation as fuel to power their drive to prove everyone wrong. 

You know what they say; ask and you shall receive. More often than not, the teams that want it the most usually end up being victorious, and out of all the teams in the competition, it looks as though the Suns are working twice as hard as everybody else to make sure next year is their year.  This is also something that is more than reflected by basketball betting in the US stats, with the Suns having higher odds than ever before. 

One Of The Most Experienced Teams To Date

When you take a second to think about the Phoenix Suns’ playoff history, you may come to the realization that this is one of the most experienced teams to date. The Suns have been in action for well over fifty seasons, and they have actually managed to place quite well in a considerable number of said seasons. 

Experience truly is everything in the world of basketball, and the cumulative experience of over fifty years of knowledge and game expertise is bound to play a massive role in their future. 

So, do you think next year is going to be the Phoenix Suns’ year? If so, you would not be on your own. There is a growing community of people out there that believe the Suns are set to win the championship any year now, and it goes without saying that they deserve to win more than any other team. 

Only time will tell whether or not the Suns will be able to push through to victory while Chris Paul is still around, but one thing is for certain; the level of sheer willpower and determination that every single team member in the Suns has to persevere in spite of their loss streak is absolutely unbelievable, and we can’t help but just root for this team.