If you’re married to someone who doesn’t enjoy sports, it can drive a huge wedge between you and your love of the game. But if you’re smart about it, there are ways to convince your spouse to let you spend more time watching sports. It’s all in the approach!

Getting to the Root of the Issue

Before we dig into some different ways to convince your spouse to let you watch more sports, it’s important that we dig down to the root of the issue. Because if you think watching sports is the issue, you’re misinformed and need a bit of perspective on the issue.

The reality is that your spouse probably doesn’t care if you like watching sports. (Just like you don’t care if they enjoy doing underwater basket weaving or watching cat videos on YouTube.) The real issue is that they see it as something standing in the way of your relationship with them.

Watching a football game on Sunday afternoon isn’t the problem – the problem is that your spouse wants to spend time with you and the game stands in the way. When you understand this, you can make a lot more sense out of the tension.

The key to addressing this tension in a way that makes both of you happy is to make sports something that you enjoy experiencing together. In other words, you need to make the entire experience more enjoyable. 

4 Ways to Make Sports More Fun

You have to remember that your definition of fun is probably different than your spouse’s definition. So while you might be totally satisfied laying on the sofa with a cold beer in one hand and a remote in the other, your spouse might find this totally unappealing. 

Your spouse might need a little bit more action – and that’s fine! You have to recognize this and adapt accordingly.

With all of this said, here are several things you can do to make sports more fun for your spouse so they’ll let you spend more time doing what you love.

  • Catch your spouse up on storylines 

If your spouse isn’t interested in the actual in-game action, they might be interested in the storylines. 

For example, the player who missed all of last year with a horrific knee injury but has worked hard to make a comeback. Or the player who just recently had a child and is starting a clothing line to raise awareness for a health condition. Storylines like these humanize the players and make sports more interesting for those who otherwise aren’t interested.

  • Host Couples Watch Parties 

Is your spouse someone who likes to entertain and socialize? Rather than watching sports alone, consider hosting couples watch parties. This ensures everyone is having fun. It also creates something else to “do” while the game is going on. You can set up a bar, have some snacks, and even create space for tailgating games.

  • Attend More Games Live

Some people can’t watch sports on TV. It just isn’t engaging enough for them. If your spouse is one of these people, taking them to live games could be just the ticket you’re looking for (pun intended). This allows them to experience more of the pageantry and excitement around the game.

  • Introduce Your Spouse to Sports Betting 

Everyone starts to care about sports when there’s money on the line. Show your spouse any one of the dozens of available sports betting apps that are now available in many states.  For even more fun and a differentiated experience, try a new app like Sporttrade, the first dynamic sports betting and trading exchange that allows you to trade sports bets like stocks. 

For a spouse who doesn’t really care about sports, having the ability to win money will keep them locked in. Suddenly, they’ll find themselves with a rooting interest. This will force them to become more familiar with the rules of the game, the players, the teams, and everything that goes into shaping the sports that you love. 

Putting it All Together

If watching sports is something you’re truly passionate about, your spouse needs to appreciate and respect your desires. Having said that, there also has to be some give and take. You can’t spend every night and weekend glued to the TV. Balance is everything. Make your spouse your number one priority and you’ll never have to sneak away to watch sports ever again.