With many football players testing positive for COVID-19, the major football leagues were all cancelled. Then the World Health Organization listed the new Corona Virus as a world pandemic, and social distancing was the new favorite word globally.  All major sports are now cancelled with us workers working from home. The Question is, is the established sports gambler indeed gambling, or just spending his or her recreational money elsewhere?  Well, the witty and hungry for a win gambler has found other outlets and sports to bet on, and the list of new sports to bet on will indeed surprise you. Of course, we cannot forget that COVID-19 has been a topic of betting worldwide. People are betting on when life will get back to normal, on when Trump will finally declare a nationwide emergency, and even on toiler paper consumption. The list is endless; however, betting sites such as BetOnline have also seen a rise in betting on non-conventional sports. What we mean by unconventional is  sports that normally you, I and the rest of the big gamblers would not even consider.

If we had to ask you what sports do you think that are rising in betting, what would you say?  Take 5 minutes and list the sports that come to mind. Does Table-tennis make the list? It sure does in the major sports betting sites, nowadays. Major sports like tennis, football, basketball (NBA) and even the World Cup and Olympics out of the betting sphere, the gambler got creative. Of course, it is also wort mentioning that e-sports has seen a significant rise in betting, along with the Belarus Premier League still going strong and gaining a steady betting momentum. Of course, this might change if the government of Belarus decided to halt the league altogether.

But table tennis is indeed the most surprising added sports to the list of sports betting. We are well aware that the sport is a significant part of the Olympics, but are there even country leagues that people can bet on? Apparently so.  Table Tennis has made it to the second spot in terms of sports betting as the world faces a new global pandemic. The pro-league for table tennis is vast, full of matches and if you look for a live stream, the probability is that you will find this streamed quite easily online. If you are looking for a quick or ample bet, table tennis is your game during these world trying times.

Taking a look at other sports that are on the rise in terms betting. It is quite surprising that UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has only made it to the 7th spot of the list. The UFC has still continued to try to hold events even though we are supposed to keep a meter or two of distance between one another. With a sport that is quite a favorite, we would have thought that bets would flock in. The reality is that in this age where COVID-19 is a global pandemic, table tennis is much more celebrated and bet on as compared to UFC.

NBA (National Basketball League) predictions is still a betting to fall on, and indeed the NBA predictions have seen a rise in betting. Which player will come back from an injury?  Which one will have to face an injury? Who will score first and so on? The truth is, even though the NBA is an American League, it is known globally. And we also wake up at weird hours during the nights to watch the Lakers, Le Bron James and the big names throw some hoops. Other newcomers are also rising in gambling popularity is the ESL Pro League, which is a Counter- Strike Global Offensive e-sport. This sport hosts 2 countries from across the globe. Another new betting favorite that made it to the 4th position for betting fans to bet on. And the final betting spot goes to the NFL (National Football League). It is not football season yet in the US, yet still the bets seem to be flocking in.

With all the new betting sports betting strategies, table tennis still remains a myth to all of us. Question is, will you give it a shot?  Or shall we say a bet?