Is Eli Manning now a Hall of Fame quarterback?

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Madonna Dancer Has Super-Human Leg

He really has quite a pain tolerance what with spinning his broken leg around like that. Continue Reading →

Super Bowl XLVI Via Football Movie and TV Show Highlights

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Eli Manning Has Owned the NFL for Five Decades!

That means he played back when that crappy Manning, Archie Manning, played. Continue Reading →

Jimmy Fallon’s Post-Super Bowl Show Intro

Leno will be trying to get him canned any day now. Continue Reading →

New York Giants QB Forrest Gump Remarkably Wins a Second Super Bowl

Forrest Gump, the naive, slow-witted, Southern simpleton and starting quarterback of the New York Giants, has accomplished another remarkable feat by winning his second Super Bowl. "He ... Continue Reading →

Frame-by-Frame of Tom Brady’s Worst Super Bowl Play

He has decent pocket awareness and terrible self-awareness. Continue Reading →

The OFFICIAL Super Bowl XLVI Drinking Game

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Super Bowl Party Pickup Lines

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EXCLUSIVE: Screen Cap of Gisele Bundchen-Brady’s Email Sent Folder

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Radio City Music Hall

Eli Manning Disappointed by the Quality of Prostitutes in Indianapolis

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning says he is enjoying his time in Indianapolis in the lead up to Super Bowl XLVI, but has found the "quality of whores here to be quite lacking." Despite ... Continue Reading →

Eli-Peyton Noogie Tattoo

So now the noogieee has become the noogier Continue Reading →

Super Bowl XLVI to Feature Pregame Tribute to NFL Legend Lucas Oil

As the Super Bowl descends on Indianapolis for the very first time, the NFL has announced plans to honor Lucas Oil, the man after whom the Colts' stadium is named. Oil, who died ... Continue Reading →