Rick Pitino’s Many Failings Crush Large Bird

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Louisville Player Airballs His Dunk Attempt

You can't break the backboard that way. He was just being polite. Continue Reading →

Another Male Cheerleader Embarrasses Himself

Now his parents are doubly embarrassed. Continue Reading →

2010 Sports Punchline Honoree: Rick Pitino

Taking a look at the biggest sports punchlines of 2010… According to various studies, the average person reads 225 words a minute. Some can obviously read more. Some, of course, ... Continue Reading →

Taking another look at Rick Pitino’s self-help book

A few years ago Rick Pitino published a best-selling self-help book called "Success Is a Choice: 10 Steps To Overachieving In Business and Life." It was an incredibly revealing ... Continue Reading →

Sunlight hits the hair of Karen Sypher as she enters the courthouse, causing Rick Pitino to mess up his pants in far less than 15 seconds.

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SportsPickle: For all your sign making needs

Going to a game? Need a sign to taunt the opposition? Can't think up anything good to write? You're in luck! Just e-mail SportsPickle, provide the name of your target, and ... Continue Reading →

"It’s like looking in a mirror that is able to reflect rotting souls."

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You get a pizza! You get a pizza! Everybody gets a pizza!

Papa John said everyone in attendance at the Louisville-Oral Roberts game last week would get a free pizza if he hit a shot from half court. Chances are Papa John didn't have ... Continue Reading →

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino cries out from abdominal pain caused by his syphilis.

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Rick Pitino Uses Veterans Day as Justification for Getting a Blowjob

Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino propositioned his secretary for a blowjob this morning and, when an assistant walked in and witnessed the sexual act being conducted, Pitino ... Continue Reading →

Short play: "A Rick Pitino Press Conference"

In Rick Pitino's first press conference following the news about his restaurant tryst, he invoked 9/11. In his latest press conference, he tried to shame the media for focusing ... Continue Reading →

Picture this: Osama bin Laden butt naked banging on the restaurant floor

So who is really to blame for Rick Pitino's "indiscretion"? Rick Pitino knows: it's those no-good terrorists with their 9/11. Here is Pitino's quote at his ... Continue Reading →