VIDEO: Tour de France Stage Winner Denied Kiss by Podium Girl

She wisely wants nothing to do with a man whose testicles are probably shrunken from years of PED use. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: The Highlight of the Tour de France Featured a Mountain Bike

Bicyclists are flying now? PEDs are amazing things. Continue Reading →

Bear Beats Monkey in Bicycle Race by Eating It

At least the bear didn't blood dope. That would really taint cycling. Continue Reading →

When Riding Your Motorcycle, Don’t Crash Into a Bicycle Race

Take THAT, Lance Armstrong. Continue Reading →

Cycling Becomes Entertaining with Hilarious Crashes

What idiot put a road sign on road? Continue Reading →

Lance Armstrong Sings Radiohead (Sort Of)

Imagine how strong and virile Thom Yorke would be with some roids. Continue Reading →

If Athlete Ads Were Honest

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Lance Armstrong Sues Lance Armstrong for Saying Lance Armstrong Did Steroids

Former seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong today filed a slander lawsuit against cyclist Lance Armstrong for telling Oprah Winfrey in a televised interview that Lance ... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Cheater in Cycling History

Lance Armstrong never flew. Aliens are a performance enhancer. Continue Reading →

Will you watch Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Lance Armstrong?

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Comprehensive List of 1990s Sports Figures Not Tainted by Steroids or Scandal

Note: Refresh frequently as names will be dropped as new allegations and scandals emerge. 1. Michael Jordan* 2. Pete Sampras 3. Kerri Strug 4. Jeff Gordon's car 5. Aaron Sele 6. ... Continue Reading →

Lance Armstrong Saga Takes a Wild Rug-Based Turn

You go hardwood or it’s cheating. Continue Reading →

Too Many Lance Armstrong Puns

Steroids is a victimless crime? Lies! What about us for being subjected to stuff like this? Continue Reading →