8 Things the New Charlotte Hornets Should Do to be as Awesome as the Old Charlotte Hornets

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VIDEO: Cody Zeller’s Dunk Attempt Comes Up a Bit Short

Hopefully he asked Blake Griffin for dunking advice on his way back up the court. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Gerald Henderson Hits a Woman in the Face with a Pass

She must have looked like Tyler Hansbrough to him. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Air Jordan Logo Inside a Cucumber

  This cucumber would be a better NBA GM than Michael Jordan.  Continue Reading →

10 Greatest Moments in Charlotte Bobcats History

_The Charlotte Bobcats are set to become the Charlotte Hornets. Let's take a look at the greatest moments in Bobcats history._ #10 – 2006: The Bobcats select Adam Morrison ... Continue Reading →

Do you think Michael Jordan could still play in the NBA at age 50?

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Dwyane Wade Kicks Ramon Sessions in the Nuts

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Bobcats Go 0-for-5 on Final Possession to Lose to Lakers

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Report: Michael Jordan Out $12.6 Million in Gambling Losses Thanks to Charlotte Bobcats’ Surprising 7-7 Start

Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan reportedly has lost more than $12 million since the start of the regular season thanks to betting heavily against his surprising 7-7 team in ... Continue Reading →

NASCAR’s Brad Keselowski is the Worst Basketball Player and Athlete Ever

LeBron could probably be a good car driver. Continue Reading →

Fox News Has it in for Michael Jordan and Carmelo Anthony.

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Wyoming Loves Charlotte’s Mike Dunlap Hire

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Bobcats Now Selling Tickets Like They’re Expiring Soda

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