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VIDEO: Diamondbacks Bro Spills Beer All Over His Date

He dressed so nicely to impress her only to see that happen. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Diamondbacks’ Adam Eaton Strikes Out in Humiliating Fashion

He would have gotten up to run, but he assumed he would trip and fall. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Diamondbacks Announcers Calls Paul Goldschmidt “Paul Goldshit”

Paul Goldschmidt is so good he shits gold. Continue Reading →

Brave Boyfriend Allows Girlfriend to Take Home Run in the Face

George Costanza’s nephew is slimmer than he was. Continue Reading →

Kirk Gibson Bobblehead is a Pervert

Fist-pumping. Sure. That's what he tells his mom. Continue Reading →

Dan Majerle Catches a Ground-Rule Double

He's had a tough life. Continue Reading →

Boob-Loving Man Attends Major League Baseball Game

Most people feel this way, but don’t have the t-shirt to share it. Continue Reading →

Arizona Supports the Diamondbacks

Milwaukee is America. America is Milwaukee. Continue Reading →

Arizona Diamondbacks Formally Apologize for Making the Playoffs

The Arizona Diamondbacks franchise officially apologized for making the postseason today at a sparsely attended press conference, acknowledging that no one is interested in seeing ... Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Who Should You Root for in the MLB Playoffs?

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Baseball Fields Are Nice to Look At

She would wear her favorite player’s jersey if she wore clothes. Continue Reading →

Kid Makes Miraculous HR Derby Catch

Bummer. His life just peaked at age 13. Continue Reading →

Wily Mo Pena Spits Loogies in His Helmet

This is disgusting. Real baseball players piss on their hands. Continue Reading →