May the world know Cristiano Ronaldo as a football legend, but gambling industries recognize him better as a poker player these days. Yes, you have read it right, Ronaldo is a passionate poker player and has won games against some professional poker players in the world. He has played poker tournaments against poker superstar Aaron Paul to reach the top charts of poker players.

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly a popular name in the sports industry and is a man of multiple talents. The celebrity football player won several titles, and trophies for the club and country and the world knows him as a charming football player with unbeatable game strategies. Not many people are aware of his interest in playing casino games, especially poker. The player has proved his talent in poker games beyond his sports career and has rubbed shoulders with some of the fine poker players in the industry.

For the football star, the love for poker started in his early 20’s when he invested hours and hours playing the game with his friends and family at home. The casino game which is similar to football in strategy and wits absorbed Cristiano more and more into the game resulting in him mastering the game. A few years ago, Ronaldo signed a deal with the most popular poker company of the world, PokerStars. Neymar, the Brazilian superstar, joined him as a brand ambassador of the poker company.

Cristiano played and participated in several poker tournaments and proved his gambling skills again and again till he reached top players list in the poker charts. Many poker players get excited to see him being part of the poker tournaments. The football legend continues to encourage and aspire new players in both sports and poker. Many times, when asked the player said football is his world, but poker has always been his game for many years now. Ronaldo also mentioned as part of promotions for PokerStars that he loves to be part of winning teams and playing for the company has always been a treat for him.

Ronaldo is looking forward to meeting his fans head to head by taking to online casinos and live poker tables. Online casinos the reputed football player want to participate in poker games include Finland Kasino, European casinos and other international casinos. He is looking forward to being part of as many poker games as possible to meet his fans from various corners of the world through the poker medium.

Apart from Cristiano, other famous sports stars got absorbed into the game of poker for years now including Ronaldo Nazario of Brazil and the tennis superstar Rafael Nadal. The Celebrity football player now has fans in both of his gaming worlds in various countries giving him the status of a global star. Ronaldo mentioned that the partnership with the PokerStars is more for personal reasons as a poker lover than for commercial purposes. According to the CEO of PokerStars, the partnership deal with the company with superstars in sports and other fields would be mutually beneficial for everyone involved in the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a part of the present generation of Football superstars that work hard to stay in the game, play smart and encourage their fans to be part of their lives. It is a great honor to the country, fellow sportspeople and fans to have Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr as their representatives in both sports and poker games. The decision of the football legend choosing PokerStars as a partner to share his love for poker with his fans is highly appreciated. Aaron Paul, a renowned poker player and a television actor, has encountered several games with Cristiano was impressed with wits of the sports star in the game.

The sports star also claims that he continually looks ways and methods to improve in poker games and stay ahead of the competitors and as a football player, it has always been the strategy for him. Similarities in strategy, competition and wits in football and poker is what is making the emerging poker star to enjoy both the games equally.