Who does not know Cristiano Ronaldo the most recognizable sports personality? He has proved himself as a champion of champions and has won several champion league titles. The sports star can be claimed as the best footballer of the planet without any hesitation. Not all the years are successful for this mighty football player, and definitely, he has experienced ups and downs in the path of his sports career.

There are times when the Cristiano Ronaldo made poker faces when faced with disappointments of losing the game to Spain and other countries. If you watched his game couple of years ago, he has played impressively by scoring a hat-trick of goals. All the fans thought that it was his year and he will grab the title as usual, but the expectations were wiped out when their country lost the game to opponents.

The defeat could not suppress the Cristiano Ronaldo for a long time, he sprung back to action and has proved his skills time and again just like a real star. The celebrity sportsperson has a passion for gambling, and his favorite casino game is poker. Poker game is such an intense casino game and once involved, no player can get out without experiencing win or loss.

Cristiano, like many other celebrity sports stars, gets excited to play in both land-based casinos and internet casinos. The legendary football player has praised poker game several times a few years ago and even signed to promote Pokerstars.com an online casino with a variety of poker games. And for your surprise, the football player is not alone when it comes to the enjoyment of poker games, Australian cricketer, Shane Warne and Wimbledon champion of Spain Rafael Nadal, have equally experienced the excitement of playing poker tournaments. May it be a land-based Euro casino or a Finland nettikasinot, the sports star loves to be part of poker tournaments when in leisure.

Probably vast earnings of the sports stars in the field is one of the reasons behind high stakes placed by them. Successful sports legends are transferring part of their skills to poker tables of the casinos. The level of fairness involved in the poker games is the main attraction of the game, which is luring in legends from all fields, including sports.

The game of poker is a game of chance of sure although professionals win massive amounts by finishing above other players. The fierce competition and the strategy of the game are like any other sport which is probably attracting sports celebrities to participate in an alternative field with a similar competition. One interesting fact about the poker games is that a player can beat other players, even the most experienced and professionals. It is a game of chance and luck for sure. Cristiano Ronaldo loves to compete with people of all ages and genders at the poker table at the same time experiences the thrill of open competition where the winning depends much on technique, strategy and skill and also on luck to an extent.

The football legend claimed many times on several occasions that football is his career and poker is his game. The player loves the competition, strategy and fun in poker games. Although he is not playing the casino game from a long time, he had developed an interest in the game when he played it for a few times. The strategy is common for both football game and poker game which he feels is blessed with the ability to read the situations and predict the moves of his opponents. Quick thinking and practical application to predict the outcome is the underlying strategy of any casino game and poker is no exception. The celebrity football player feels the transition from sports to poker is seamless as both fields require skills and strategy.

The football superstar has participated in numerous poker games and tournaments and has won several games against poker professionals. He traveled around the world to play in some of the fine casinos and to experience best of poker games.