Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular sports figure, and the entire world is familiar with his impeccable skills in playing football. He was the most liked person on social media in 2016 with more than 116 million likes, and the number is growing since then. However, most of his fans are unaware of his skills in the world of poker. The sports star has played against some of the best poker players in the world.

Ronaldo is not the only sports figure interested in playing poker, but there are plenty of other sports stars that are poker enthusiasts. These sports personalities made a public appearance in televised tournaments to generate publicity for the casino game and exposure for the events. But Ronaldo is different from these sportspeople as he is always involved in high-stakes just like his football games. Many times, he made it clear that football is his favorite sport and poker is his favorite game.

What made Ronaldo Master the poker game?

It all started at his home when he was hardly 20 years old. Ronaldo used to play poker with his friends for long hours casually. Gradually he got absorbed to the poker game so much that he started practicing the skills and techniques to gain a good hold on the game. We generally get to see individuals good at any one sport, but Cristiano proved himself the best in both football and poker. So, how did he manage to get so good in both the games?

You must be thinking football practice and tournaments are quite exhaustive for a player and no player can concentrate on practicing any other game intensely. Well, there are several similarities between a football game and a poker game which made him apply his football skills at the poker table. The application of techniques, skills, strategies and competition are similar for football and poker, which made things easy for Ronaldo. So, it is quite apparent that anyone who plays football well can play poker. However, it cannot be otherwise where a poker player cannot play football easily. Cristiano definitely has a mental advantage over the poker players.

How Poker and Football are linked?

Not many understand the link between poker and football as Ronaldo followed. He started to gain a hold on poker games by applying the same strategies, wits and techniques utilized in a football game. Poker games he played got better and better as the time passed and today, he is in the top list of poker players along with professional poker players in the world. Once he gained control on the poker game, he started playing the game in most popular casinos of the world, including European and Finland Casinot.

Rules of engagement dominate player’s skills in poker, but in football, knowing rules only cannot help you to win a game if you lack athleticism. Ronaldo must have climbed the ladder of ranks by learning the game from scratch and practicing the game at home with friends and family.

Inevitably the success of any sportsman starts when the opponent begins to give up, and that is what correctly Ronaldo has learned at the poker table. The mental resilience and the wit at the poker table can prove to be an asset for a football player which explains the success of other pro football players like Neymar, Tony Cascarino and Gerard Pique in the casino game.

PokerStars Partnership

Cristiano has partnered with PokerStars, which speaks his enthusiasm in the game. He joined the poker tournament to fine-tune his poker skills and to give professional players fierce competition in the tournaments. His PokerStars membership is all not because of his sports celebrity status but also his ability to play poker at intermediate and expert levels. The football player’s undeterred attention and seriousness at the poker table shows he is dedicated to the game no matter what the result is.

One of his most significant achievement in a poker tournament is the win against professional poker player Aaron Paul in PokerStars Duel. The sports star is determined to reach higher levels of the poker game with regular practice and participating in poker tournaments with fierce competition.